2014 Q4 Quarterly Report

Company News

What a summer this has been. We had new equipment arrive with the addition of T-20, T-21 and TK-15. This is a sure sign our country’s economy is improving and J&S Transport’s business is growing! We have taken on additional business from Alliance, Drake, Global LLC, One Energy and Energy North. To continue providing the service our customers expect, we also brought on additional drivers: Rollace Beech, Sergio Lemus, Anthony Cartolano and George Braid. Please welcome them to the J&S Transport Team!

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2014 Q3 Quarterly Report

A New Season

Another New England summer is upon us. School is out, employees are taking much needed vacations; hitting the water to fish, water ski, vegetating on the beach or heading to Camp. This time of year puts many more vehicles on the road, including motorcycles. Your driving skills, patience, and commitment to safety are going to be tested as summer moves along. All of you are professional drivers. Put safety first and let’s enjoy what summer brings.

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2014 Q2 Quarterly Report


SPRING!!! A New Season
Another New England winter has bid us adieu allowing the promise of warmer weather, opened windows for fresh air, planting of gardens, greening the lawn and being thankful for surviving the brutal winter. As a professional driver, this winter has taxed every ounce of your truck driving skills; creating stress and fatigue. Now that the snow and ice are gone with the warm sunshine, the professional driver cannot let their guard down having complacency take over their driving behavior. You must keep your skills sharp as those motorists who taxed those skills this past winter will still on the road with the only difference having the top down on their convertibles. Continue to drive like the professionals you are!

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2014 Q1 Quarterly Report

Wow! A new year has started for J & S Transport. Where did 2013 go?! I am sure many of us have made resolutions for 2014. Our resolution, as a company, is continue operating safely, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations and allowing our employees to provide for their families and loved ones. We wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year!

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2013 Q4 Quarterly Report

It’s Fall!

Another Summer season has ended and we now prepare for a beautiful Fall season in New England. Fall means school children, school buses, and additional traffic on the roadways. The professional drivers of J & S Transport need to take extra caution when sharing the road to protect our country’s most precious commodity; our children.

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2013 Q3 Quarterly Report

It’s Summer!

Wow! Summer’s here, schools out and vacation schedules full. We all need to make sure we are extra diligent watching out for bike riders, motorcyclists and children playing. This newsletter includes articles providing summer health tips.. Also what would “The Insider” be without a healthy recipe?!

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2013 Q2 Quarterly Report

J & S Transport has endured yet another winter with cold winds, snow and ice. As we say good bye to Old Man Winter, we welcome the seed catalogs in the mail, the garden centers at the box stores and our hopes for abundant gardens. During this time of rejuvenation, we give thanks to J & S Transport, Co., Inc. for providing us the means to support our families with the company asking in return we renew our commitment to drive safely and work injury free. 

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2013 Q1 Quarterly Report

A very eventful year for J & S Transport has come to a close with the hope 2013 brings improvement to our economy allowing stronger growth and prosperity for us all. We must strive for 2013 to be accident and injury free. This is the resolution J & S Transport shall make for the New Year. If we control the cost of these involvements, our insurance ratings will improve allowing additional operating revenue.

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Quarter 4 2012 Newsletter

Where Did the Summer Go?

It’s hard to believe that summer is over and schools have started another academic year. We all must focus our attention to increased commuter traffic on the roadways. Commuter traffic includes school children walking to school, waiting at school bus stops, stopped school buses and while traveling through school zones. Children are our most precious commodity, to be protected at all costs. Be diligent, aware of your surroundings by keeping your eyes moving. Have safe and enjoyable holidays!

Quarter 3 2012 Newsletter

Long Time, No See!

Remember me? I am the new edition of the “Insider” which you probably haven’t seen for a while. Our apologies for the hiatus but I’m back to provide news about J & S Transport, our industry, with a major focus on SAFETY. Steve Powers (a.k.a. Safety Steve), you know our somewhat new Safety Director, has settled into the job and thinking of ways to keep J & S Transport’s employees safe. Steve was using a monthly Driver Letter to spread awareness but soon discovered our newsletter was not being used. Steve then thought, why don’t we do both giving J & S Transport’s family a venue to share information and awareness? We can always use your feedback, input and ideas to ensure continuous improvement.

Q1 2011 News Letter

“THE INSIDER” QUARTERLY REPORT Note from John Since the last news letter we have had some changes occur at J & S Transport and in the industry. Minor changes have occurred at J & S Transport that may have little impact on how we conduct our day to day business. However, significant industry changes have occurred with the […]…

NTTC AWARD 2nd Year in a row

J & S Transport Co., Inc., once again, and for the second year in a row, has been bestowed the National Tank Truck Carrier’s (NTTC) Grand Award for 2010 for the following categories: …

NTTC Awards

NTTC Awards . . .


“THE INSIDER” QUARTERLY REPORT Note from John We made some decent progress in 2009. We expanded our workforce, expanded the fleet, added a Safety Director and Operations Manager, launched a new website, put new pavement in the yard, implemented new uniforms and increased our delivery output. Even though these have been tough economic times at J & S Transport, …


“THE INSIDER” QUARTERLY REPORT Note from John J & S Transport is pleased to announce the first quarterly Insider Report. The Insider Report inception was for the purpose of providing our staff and customer base with an avenue to gain knowledge of the inner workings of J & S Transport, current and historical industry information and finally a […]…