About J&S

    J & S Transport operates as a fuel transporter out of Lynn, MA. Our primary focus is based on supplying fuel hauling services for fuel distributors to retail gas stations and distribution depots. In addition, J & S Transport is equipped with pump out capability in the event of an emergency, product contamination, and product transfer or product testing for new station tanks that have been installed.

    John and Sharon Hamel, the founding owner/family, still operate successfully today. The company was formed based upon the background and experience of John and Sharon, who both having their careers developed in the fuel transportation industry. In addition, John had broaden his career and experience hauling for various trucking firms assuring that his background and credibility was solidified in most hauling industries. The company, when formed, was made up of one tractor/trailer and only consisted of John and one additional driver. To provide the most economic benefit the truck was worked around the clock.

    The company has now expanded to a fleet of fourteen tractors, thirteen tanker trailers with two Owner Operators. John and Sharon continue to maintain the company’s stability and success, leading the effort, and providing the direction and guidance to orchestrate the day to day activities of running the company. Additionally they have responsibility of controlling the accounting and financial practices and procedures, administration of Safety Practices/Procedures, constant communication to new potential customers and provide focus on new driver acquisition and training.
    Safety is a critical component to the continued success of J&S Transport. We are totally committed to safety and brought on board Fred Schenk as Safety and Operations Manager, specifically focused on safety policies, regulatory compliance, practices at J&S Transport and our industry as a whole. This focus on safety will ensure we are compliant with Federal, State and local regulations as well as implementing the best available practices and policies. Fred has been in the transportation industry for 42 years with 14 years as a petroleum transport driver for ExxonMobil and Sunoco and over 30 years of involvement in the ATA state and national truck driving championships.