Drivers Letters: Emergency Response Procedures

12 Washington Street
Lynn, MA 01904-3306
DOT Number: 638928
ICC# MC300615
Date: 06/01/2015

Dear Professional Driver,

In this month’s letter we are going to revisit our Emergency Response Procedures, specifically product releases. As every professional driver knows, we transport very volatile petroleum products that will have a tremendous impact to people, property and the environment when accidently released. The release can be caused by mechanical failure or driver error. Regardless of the cause, we need to initiate our Emergency Response Plan immediately. Timely and accurate information is essential. The Plan focuses on four (4) priorities:

➢    Prevent or reduce the loss of lives or injury to our employees, responders and the public;
➢    Prevent or reduce the loss of property or damage to property;
➢    Prevent or reduce the effects of the release upon the environment;
➢    Restore the impacted area to normal conditions

We have signed Master Service Agreements with Companies that provide emergency response, environmental remediation and follow-up monitoring when required. If possible, when you have a release, try to contain it to prevent the product from entering storm drains and out-falls. Once the product enters the storm drain, the impact to the environment has greatly increased.  In New Hampshire, we must immediately report the release to The Department of Environmental Services (DES). In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the MA Department of Environmental Protection (MASSDEP) must be called within two (2) hours of the release. If the product enters a water source, the MA Water Resource Authority (MWRA) must be involved as well.

As a hazardous materials carrier, we are heavily regulated by Federal, State and Local Authorities. This means we must comply with ALL their reporting requirements or face severe fines and penalties. Therefore, it is crucial you immediately contact the Director of Safety, regardless of amount released. The Director of Safety will advise you want to do. YOU MUST MAKE THAT PHONECALL IMMEDIATELY! By not calling or trying to cover up the release will only make the exposure to our Company’s liability much worse.

Remember, if you have a product release, regardless of the quantity, CALL!

Be Safe!