1203 vs 3475

Dear Professional Driver,

You are probably aware that a few of our tankers have been out-fitted with additional brackets to include the Flammable 3 Placard with the 3475 Identification Marking. This will be in addition to the Flammable 3 Placard with the 1203 ID Marking when you are dispatched to load E85. Both placards with ID #’s must be displayed when transporting Gasoline and E85 (15% Ethanol gasoline mixture) in different compartments on the same tanker. You may ask, why?

Do you know the “Fire Triangle”?

To have a fire you need fuel, oxygen and heat to sustain the chemical reaction of the fire. To extinguish the fire, you need to eliminate one or more sides of the fire triangle. Fire Fighters use a water based foam to combat gasoline or petroleum based fires. The foam cools the fire, prevents oxygen from feeding the fire, while at the same time containing ignitable vapors. This water based foam works well because the petroleum molecules do not bond with water molecules. This is why they say “oil and water don’t mix”.

Alcohol fires are much different. Water based foams will not be effective due water molecules bond with the alcohol molecules (called phasing), forming a solution. This solution will not create the “foam blanket” needed to properly smother the flames, cool the fire, preventing oxygen from feeding the fire or keeping down vapors that ignite. Fire Fighters must use a non-water based foam to fight alcohol fires.

This is why it is so important we identify the products being transported in the tanker. In case of an accident, emergency response personnel need to identify the hazardous material being transported to determine which firefighting methods to use. Incorrect placards with ID #’s risk the lives of emergency response personnel and damage to the environment.

If you are dispatched to load E85 and Gasoline on the same tanker, ensure you show the proper placards and ID numbers. The E85 Placard must remain on the vehicle until you re-fill the compartment with product other than E85. Only then can you remove that placard and ID number.

Any questions, please see me.

Be Safe!